Lists. Upon lists. Upon so many more lists.

by mvldz

  • A list of things to accomplish this year. 
  • A list of strengths that I supposedly have.
    1. Harmony
    2. Intellection
    3. Restorative
    4. Empathy
    5. Deliberative
  • A list of todos, tasks, and what nots ( more like want nots!)
  • A list of food to shop for.
    • A vague mental list of things I have on hand.
      • .5 lbs of White Button Mushrooms, Wild Rice, A bag of Brussel Sprouts, 2 Sweet Potatoes, etc…
      • An assorted array of meals to make.
        • A list of steps for each meal from beginning to end.
  • A list of things that escape my grasp.
  • A list of things that would make me happy (but will they?)
  • A list of addresses, lists of directions to those addresses
    • ❤ A heart full of endless genuine gratitude for the people living in them.
  • Lists of buckets, each tailored towards maintaining different lists in my life.
    • The list of skills I have, want to have, may never have; and skills that I just can’t seem to act on…
    • The list of:
      1. Now
      2. Later
      3. Laterer
      4. Latest.
  • Bucket list – of possible grandiose achievements, or just really wanting to be a comfortable dancer, and not have my shoulders tense up at the thought of it.