Spilled Milk x Lord of the Rings

by mvldz

Originally, this blog was started as an outlet for all my food loving memories/needs… Strangely enough though, that hasn’t really been the case over the past few posts —- that is all about to change though!

One of my favorite food podcasts is Spilled Milk. Matthew Amster-Burton (he’s actually related to THEE Tim Burton! [not really >_<]) and Molly Orangette pick a random food topic to put together a 15 minute spurt (on a biweekly basis) of over the air rants/rambling/facts/stories/etc… Whether it’s mushrooms, a nostalgic junk food tasting, an international junk food tasting, or a day of perfect meals — the duo are a match made in podcast heaven. They are amazingly silly, humbly informative, spectacularly cheesy, charmingly heartwarming — and their food stories, whether you’ve ever eaten a bag of ranch cool doritos or not — make your heart pitter patter and journey back in time in which a similar meal of yore, made you feel like their personal reflections on the food topic of the day…

Most recently they had an episode on A Day of Perfect Meals.They both choose their perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert — with no care for money, year, or location (you basically have a money tree, time traveling machine, and transporter…) As I listened to the podcast, I started making notes on things I would eat on my day of perfect meals — and ended up finding myself having way more things on my list then can be fit into a day… “No human could possibly eat all of this in a day” I thought to myself… “But a hobbit could!”

I kinda. sorta. love Lord of the Rings… And for those who may not know, the Hobbits are the splendid race that are quite short, leaning more towards the portly end, have leathery feet soles (thus their rarely wearing shoes) and a spectacular appetite (with ~7 meals a day — which I will get into later). The hobbits give presents rather then receive them on their birthdays, and live simple lives of farming, eating, and socializing — their houses (or hobbit holes) are filled with an amazing abundance of food, which helps with their entertaining.

1st Breakfast, 2nd Breakfast, Elevenses, Luncheon, Tea, Dinner and Supper… And snacks…

A Day of Perfect Meals a la Tolkien

I’ll be putting each of mine up over the next few weeks (along with hopefully a few posts on how to stop feeling bad for yourself for good measure 🙂 )