Genuinely Grateful = Grounding / Humbling…

by mvldz

There is an endless list of things I am grateful for… A statement which I’m just grateful for being able to write… Developing the ability to have a consistent sense of optimism/grateful-ness helps so much in conquering difficult times. It makes it easier to recover from terrible blows, it lets you see your life in a grand-esque sort of manner, that all things happen for a reason, and all we can do is learn from difficult moments — retrieve lessons out of them, and keep trekking forward.

Every morning and every evening, there is this point on my drive to work, where the Highway 101 is right beside the SF bay. I might be digging through all the emails I’ve received from the night before, or finishing up some last minute details before getting home, and then I look to the east, unassumingly… I call the view, “Floor to Ceiling Beauty”. The water is sometimes glistening like a sea of diamonds (if it’s sunny), with an amazing gradient of a clear blue sky fading into the land of the East Bay in the horizon. Sometimes the skies are cast and it seems ominous and could appear disconcerting to some.

Floor To Ceiling beauty

Floor To Ceiling Beauty

To me, it is the moment in my day, that I am most thankful… for everything. It triggers a sea of gratitude in my mind. It floods me with the thoughts of the “EVERYTHING_ELSE”. The things that are THAT MUCH MORE meaningful to me then this view, but somehow, have just established themselves as a “matter of life“.

The opportunities I’ve been given (and the ones I haven’t). The loved ones in my life. The job I have. The beauty my eye is able to encounter (physically and meta-physically.) The city I live in. The people I have come across in general (and those I have yet to meet). The road that I’m on — and wherever it may be leading me to. My bus driver who gets me to work (and home) safely. The box of Maple Bacon Biscuits sitting next to me (and the meaning behind them). The  life I am living (with all the good and bad). All the things that DIDN’T happen… Because of them — I am on the road that I am on right now… It also helps me in developing a deeper relationship with the city I’m living in — I have seen the Bay in so many different states over the past 4.5 months, and I am closer to it, and the city because of it (just as it has seen so many of my own states).

 This isn’t a new thing for me. When I was living in New York City, every morning and every evening, since I was 16, and commuting into the city for work after school was done, I would purposely take an express train over the Manhattan Bridge (even if it was out of my way). It lead to an amazing view of the Brooklyn Bridge. And somehow, it also, sent similar thoughts through my mind. It made me happy to be living/working/breathing in such an amazing city. It made me thankful for whatever stage in my life I was in, whatever relationship I may or may not have been in, for every memory created, for every easy(SLASH)difficult obstacle(SLASH)reward.

The life we live in, no matter how hard it may be, is beautiful. Sometimes though, we just get caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all, to even remember. Finding those tiny moments, that constantly develop a sense of genuine grateful-ness in us, have massive grounding/humbling effects. They bring us back down to the moment. The microsecond. A still life of OUR OWN LIVES — pausing time and causing our current world to just fly by us within the blink of an eye…. And giving us a glimpse at everything we have to be thankful for — but may have slightly taken for granted.

TASK! Find a moment in your every day/every other day sequence of events that inspires you. That moves you. That triggers some sort of *sigh of relief*/smile/rush of gratitude in you. You may have to look hard, you may even have to go slightly out of your way for it.

Allow it to just take your mind away. Why does it make you feel the way it does? Look at everything else around you at the moment. The fact that you were able to get there… A sense of gratitude for being able to wake up that morning. Whatever it may be!

Let it carry you away in the most hopelessly romantic-al fashion you can possibly muster! Soon enough you will see your optimism enduring through the never-ending tumultuous moments that life throws at you — and an even grander appreciation for the great ones! (and if you’d care to — share it in the comments 🙂 )